• Fixing and replacing of broken torsion springs
  • Rollers Repair / Replace
  • Springs Adjustment
  • Springs Maintenance
  • Snapped Cable Repair
  • Spring / Cable Installation
  • Garage Door Extension Springs
  • And Much more …..

We also do garage door spring replacement for our clients as they are a part of the whole system. If they break down, the whole system will stop working. Garage door springs are of two types including torsion springs and the extension springs. The torsion springs are laid down parallel to the garage doors. Such garage door openers rely heavily on torsion springs by experiencing a lot of force while the door opens and close. Each and every spring can break or eventually crack under pressure that makes repairing the doors harder. We will be able to extend the life of the springs by adjusting the tension or we could also replace them with high tension steel parts in place of the broken springs through a garage door repair Anaheim Hills. If you want to repair it yourself, then you must use a pair of heavy gloves and eye goggles. This will protect you from anything while working.

Torsion springs are bigger than the extension springs and much more powerful. They might cause some kind of injuries. In order to decompress, the broken spring is turned for one complete round. Check if your cables might be loose in order to figure out whether the broken garage door has been decomposed completely. Torsion springs are found overhead as the bar is attached to the front of the garage. The springs could be a single spring or a pair of springs that are wrapped around the shaft. In order replace a garage door, you might have to open it and make you put 2 by 4 that would support the door in order to remain open. You could do your garage door repair Anaheim Hills quite easily.

Spring replacement could be dangerous and should be assigned to people who can do the job for you. There are experts professionals who have the expertise to get the job done in limited or time at all. They are available 24/7 and do various services.